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In this section you will be able to find all the Loving Joy Press Releases about new products, what we want to do in the future, and what we are doing at the moment. We are more than happy for media outlets to re-use this content, but please email us first.

Slim Pickings – Loving Joy Adds Slim Beginners’ Silicone Dildo to Ever-Expanding Dildo Range

Loving Joy Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

After Loving Joy’s previous 6-inch silicone pegging dildo became a runaway hit last year, it was only a matter of time before we came out with a new, similarly silky, and luxurious product to tap into the harness-friendly dildo-demand. The popularity and visibility of pegging as an accepted, mainstream sex practice is rising year by […]

Pounce Pussycat, Pounce – Loving Joy Adds Black Panther Tail to Growing Furry Fantasy Butt Plug Range

Furry Fantasy Tail Butt Plug

After launching an already bestselling rainbow tail plug in June in preparation for summer Pride celebrations, award-winning adult toy manufacturer, Loving Joy is now expanding its successful animal-play range with long, fluffy black tail. Exploding into the market last year in June, the Furry Fantasy range of tail butt plugs became consumer favourites as well […]

Leading the Way for an Eco-Friendly Future – Loving Joy Vows to Do Away with All Plastic in its Adult Toy Product Packagings

Loving Joy

As an industry first, Loving Joy makes commitment to get rid off all plastic from the packaging of its adult toys. The plastic-free movement blew up in the first quarter of 2018 with more and more companies as well as individual consumers seeking out solutions for a plastic-free and therefore, reduced-waste life. Mainstream media outlets […]

Show Who’s Boss – Loving Joy Welcomes New Addition, the Boss, to Loving Joy Penis Extensions Range

Loving Joy Penis Sleeve

With just three months on the market, Loving Joy is already expanding its immediately successful range of penis extensions with a charcoal colored enhancement sleeve named the Boss. Hailed as a much-needed addition to the Loving Joy range back in April, the Extra and Mighty penis extensions became instant bestsellers for the global sex toy […]

Hit on All Six – Loving Joy Receives Six Nominations at This Year’s ETO Awards

Loving Joy

Industry heavyweight, Loving Joy celebrates an exceptional year at prestigious ETO Awards that sees them and their flagship brands, nominated in a record six categories. After a year of successful product launches, glowing reviews, and flourishing business, it seems that Loving Joy has now got the cherry picked out to go on top. While the […]

Noir is the New Black – Loving Joy Launches Luxurious, Black and Brass Bondage Gear Range, Bound Noir

Shop all Loving Joy Bondage Equipment

ETO award nominated, leather bondage brand BOUND has been a runaway success for Loving Joy since its May 2016 launch. Now, the Adult Toy Manufacturer is bringing out a new, similarly lavish sister-brand, BOUND Noir. Loving Joy has been proudly promoting and selling its professional bondage gear collection, BOUND, globally in the last two years […]

Growing Gains – Loving Joy Adds Two Penis Extensions to Ever-Expanding ‘All-Basics-Covered’ Range

Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension Sleeve

Award-winning sex toy manufacturer, Loving Joy is releasing two new penis extensions – Extra and Mighty. Loving Joy has become synonymous with great value, outstanding margins and high quality in recent years. The brand’s successful product launches included both innovative vibrators like the flexible Versa or the interchangeable DUA and bread-and-butter type of items too […]

Flying Colours – Loving Joy Adds Rainbow Tail Butt Plug to Bestselling Furry Fantasy Range

Furry Fantasy

Industry leading adult toy manufacturer, Loving Joy is launching a topical, multicolored tail butt plug to expand its successful Furry Fantasy line ahead of Pride celebrations Since its release in June 2017, Loving Joy’s Furry Fantasy range has taken animal role play to the next level with its silky, fluffy, faux-fur tails and sturdy, weighty, […]

DUAble the Pleasure – Loving Joy Welcomes New Innovative Vibrator with Interchangeable Massager Heads

Loving Joy DUA Rabbit Vibrator with Wand Attachment

After a successful year of product launches, Loving Joy, expands yet again with one-of-a-kind DUA that promises two luxury vibrators for the price of one. 2017 has seen Loving Joy drastically changing up, vamping out and extending its adult toy and bondage gear collection with new, innovative products like the Versa bendable couples’ vibrator and […]

High-Wireless Act – Loving Joy Family Expands with Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Boasting 10 Functions

Loving Joy Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Industry-leading adult toy manufacturer launches new wireless vibrating egg just in time for the Valentine’s Day couples rush. One of the bread-and-butter products of the pleasure product industry, remote controlled wireless vibrating eggs are accessible, easy to use and easy to get creative with making them the ideal couples’ sex toy. Great for both internal […]