Pounce Pussycat, Pounce – Loving Joy Adds Black Panther Tail to Growing Furry Fantasy Butt Plug Range

Furry Fantasy Tail Butt Plug

After launching an already bestselling rainbow tail plug in June in preparation for summer Pride celebrations, award-winning adult toy manufacturer, Loving Joy is now expanding its successful animal-play range with long, fluffy black tail.

Furry Fantasy Metal Butt Plug Tail
Furry Fantasy Metal Butt Plug with Long Tail

Exploding into the market last year in June, the Furry Fantasy range of tail butt plugs became consumer favourites as well as delightful additions to the animal role play category of retailers internationally. With premium quality faux fur and heavy duty, weighty metal plugs, the selection of bunny and fox tails have received some stellar reviews on the blogger circles and with the recent addition of the rainbow tail plug, this range is bound for ongoing and ever-growing success.

Building on this rapport, Loving Joy is now adding a long black tail to the collection and perhaps inspired by the box office topping movie of the same name, decided to call this new “furry fantasy” Black Panther. The sex toy manufacturer has also updated their red fox tail to be longer and feature a heavier plug, hoping to satisfy more advanced anal sex toy players and those looking to step up their animal role play.

This is such a fun range to build – said Sebastian Gonzalez, Loving Joy’s CEO –, with every new addition we really get to exercise our creative

Furry Fantasy Black Tail Butt Plug
Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail with Metal Butt Plug

muscles as we have to come up with the an on-brand tag and the type of animal the new product will evoke. We loved launching the rainbow tail plug as it is so funky and trendy looking, that it was actually not that easy to integrate it into the otherwise quite edgy branding of the Furry Fantasy range.

With the Black Panther tail we didn’t need to worry about this though, you really can’t get more alluringly dangerous in nature than big cats – they are powerful and elegant creatures with incredible hunting skills. Who wouldn’t want to channel that sheer intensity and grace? With a tail that is 78 cm long, this is a really eye-catching product, so with the medium sized plug we wanted to make sure that it will appeal to an audience of both new and experienced anal players.

We are also updating the red fox tail design – continued Gonzalez – so it will be as long as the panther tail. We made the decision to change up

Furry Fantasy Metal Butt Plug with Black Tail
Furry Fantasy Tail with Metal Butt Plug

the fox tail to open up the range to more consumers and offer a bigger variety than before. We increased the plug size on it too to appeal to more experienced users. Our customers will be glad to hear though, that the prices and margins available on the Furry Fantasy collection remain to be extremely competitive and tempting.

With panthers enjoying a particularly bright spotlight at the moment, we are sure that these tails will be really popular, so let your customers purr like a cat and pounce on the Furry Fantasy Black Panther tails now to secure your stock!

The Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug is available to purchase now from the official online Loving Joy Anal Sex Toy Store. If you are interested in becoming a stockist of Loving Joy then please feel free to contact us now.

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