Show Who’s Boss – Loving Joy Welcomes New Addition, the Boss, to Loving Joy Penis Extensions Range

Loving Joy Penis Sleeve

With just three months on the market, Loving Joy is already expanding its immediately successful range of penis extensions with a charcoal colored enhancement sleeve named the Boss.

Loving Joy Boss Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop
Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Hailed as a much-needed addition to the Loving Joy range back in April, the Extra and Mighty penis extensions became instant bestsellers for the global sex toy brand. With both online and offline retailers jumping on board to stock the two products, Loving Joy seemed to have found a gap in the market for affordable, simple, but appealingly packaged penis enhancement items.

While the two extensions launched in April were focusing on realism and length gain, the Boss promises to dramatically increase girth and add stimulating texture with a shaft lined with six raised ridges. And the fun doesn’t stop there either, as this sleeve includes raised nodules inside, so the wearer can have some extra sensations too. With a stretchy ball loop keeping the sleeve in place during action, the Loving Joy Boss is set to become another overnight hit for Loving Joy.

With the addition of the Boss we are really aiming to create a Loving Joy Penis Sleevecomprehensive and stylish range of male sex toys that are easy, convenient and shame-free to pick up from a store – said Sebastian Gonzalez, CEO of Loving Joy. The Boss will sit nicely next to the Extra and the Mighty extensions as well as the Real Feel stroker range, so men (or their partners) can easily pick up a Loving Joy toy knowing that it will deliver value and quality.

This product also has a fantastic price point, so our customers can expect the same value for money that they came to know and love from any new Loving Joy launch. We also continue to simplify all our Loving Joy packaging, with less and less plastic, clear-cut imagery and simple, appealing colors – our customers seem to love the new, stripped down aesthetic. We are trying to take the brand into the 21st century with a progressive and modern design approach that is more gender-neutral,

Loving Joy Boss Packaging
Loving Joy Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop in Box

inclusive and steps away from the stigmas related to the adult toy industry.

We are certain that consumers will love the Loving Joy Boss penis sleeve as it has so many features that can enhance their sex lives and bring completely new sensations and play into the bedroom. It’s one of those famous Loving Joy win-win-win situations – but isn’t that what any well-oiled distribution chain is all about?!

The Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop is available to purchase today from the official Loving Joy Online Adult Toy Store. If you would like to become a stockist of the Loving Joy products then please feel free to contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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