Vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys for women. There are many variations of vibrators, all of which have the same primary function; to increase your sexual satisfaction and solo masturbation sessions! Shop our full range of vibrators and find the best vibrating sex toy for you today!

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What are Vibrators?

Vibrators are a type of sex toy for women that are designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Vibrators are similar to dildos in the sense that they are designed to stimulate your erogenous zones. However, what makes vibrators different is the fact they they have vibrating functions to give the user even more stimulation to their sensitive areas like the clitoris or vulva. Some vibrators even feature curved tips, allowing them to apply pressure to the G-Spot.
There are many different types of vibrators including clitoral vibrators, butterfly vibrators, rabbit vibrators, all of which are designed to give you even more sexual pleasure!

How Do Vibrators Work?

A little bit of vibration goes a long way with sexual satisfaction. Vibrators stimulate the sexual organs in both men and women, creating a more intense orgasm. The technology in vibrators has evolved year after year, with new, better vibrators coming to market. The improved mechanics help to bring the user to climax quicker, are usually quieter, and sometimes more powerful.
Vibrators usually operate in the same way, however some do have more complex features. For example luxury vibrators may have additional functions like a ‘climax mode’ or an ‘intelligent mode’ allowing you to easily and smoothly reach climax. Fundamentally, vibrators will all consist of the below:


This creates the vibration functions. In many other devices the point of motors is to run as smoothly as possible, the motors in vibrators are designed to usually be as powerful as possible, whilst being as quiet as possible. Many factors determine whether a motor is powerful, for example, speed of the motor, weight, position in the product and so on. Engineers work towards creating the best motors on the market, and here at Loving Joy our engineers try to create the best motors possible.

Power Source

Motors cannot function without some sort of power. The more powerful the motor, the bigger the power source. That is why the most powerful vibrators will usually be mains operated, e.g. Magic Wand Vibrators. Although you get more power from plugging your vibrator in to a wall socket you loose mobility, and the vibrators are not usually small and discreet, which our customers are usually after.

When sex toys begin to gather more and more traction within the mass market many of the toys, like rabbit vibrators, were battery operated. This was great because it meant that you could reduce the size of the vibrator drastically. However as time went on the market saw a huge boom in rechargeable vibrators, allowing for users to be able to charge their sex toy instead of having to bring batteries with them. Rechargeable vibrators are now more popular that battery operated ones. Although they cost slightly more, the increased convenience is worth it.


The controls allow you to turn on your vibrator and operate it with ease. The controls vary depending on the type of vibrator, more complex and luxury vibrators will have a control panel that allows you to change the function, speed and patters that you are using. Whereas, bullet vibrators usually have a one touch button at the base that allows you to easily move through the different patterns. Remote controlled vibrators have become more popular as you can easily control them, and they are also very liked by couples.


The first layer of the vibrator is very important as this is what will be placed around your most intimate areas. Here at Loving Joy we always use high quality, body safe materials. So no matter what type of material your vibrator has, if it is Loving Joy, you can rest assured that it will be a high quality.

Is Using a Vibrator Good for You?

Many people are strong advocates of sex benefiting your mental, physical and emotional health. As a vibrator performs similar functions, there is no reason why it isn’t good for you. Vibrators were also originally created as medical devices to help women who suffer from hysteria. So there creation comes from wanting to benefit people. It was only later down the line that they became used as devices for sexual satisfaction. Sex toys can alleviate the symptoms of menopause, they can also really help after child birth, and vaginal tissue flexibility. This is because vibrators help to increase blood flow to the area.

Loving Joy Vibrators

There are many different types of vibrators in the market, these range from beginners vibrators like bullet vibrators, or rabbit vibrators, to more complex vibrators that are remote controlled, or feature unique functions that make them stand out. One thing that all the different types of vibrators have in common is that they have been designed to help the user with targeted sexual stimulation by massaging the erogenous areas like the clitoris, vagina and anus. However, it is not just women who can enjoy using a vibrator. More and more vibrators are being designed to enhance male sexual stimulation as well.

Using a vibrator is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted. People now are not only using a vibrator during solo masturbation, but are also using them with there partners now due to the heightened experience they offer to everyone who uses one! Vibrators were once labelled as marital aids as they can really offer so many positive benefits to your sex life!

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