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Sex toys for couples are a great way to spice up your sex life with your partner. They can be used in foreplay or even in penetrative sex. View our full range of couples sex toys below and choose from remote controlled vibrators and wearable vibrators!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Sex Toys

What Are Sex Toys for Couples?

Sex toys are usually designed to pleasure one person at a time, couples sex toys on the other hand, are adult sex toys that have been purposefully created to enhance foreplay and sexual activity with your partner. This might be in the form of a cock ring that vibrates delivering clitoral stimulation to your partner, or even a piece of light bondage equipment that allows you to restrain your partner. There are many different types of couples sex toys to choose from, with many sex toys often benefiting both partners sexual pleasure.

What Are The Different Types of Sex Toys for Couples?

There are numerous different types of sex toys for couples, below we list some different types that should help you buy the right one!

  • Couples’ vibrators – Couples vibrators are vibrating sex toys that you can use with your partner. They range from remote controlled sex toys to sex toys that you can wear during sex. Couples vibrators will usually deliver vibrations to both you and your partner. They may feel unusual at first, but once you are used to them they can really enhance your sex life! Couples’ vibrators are extremely easy to use, and many will come with an instruction leaflet to tell you how you would go about using them. If you have recently bought a couples sex toy but are unsure about how to use it then feel free to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help!

  • Bondage Toys – Bondage toys allow you to dominate your partner, or submit to your partners sexual desires. Restraining your partner or being restrained can be great fun, as well as extremely sensual. Using light bondage restraints like wrist cuffs, or under the mattress restraints can be a great way to tease your partner.

  • Penis Rings & Enhancers – Penis rings are designed to stimulate his partner during sex, whilst also increasing his stamina, prolonging sexual activity. Other penis enhancers include sleeves and extensions. These are designed to give the wearer more girth, and in some cases more length. They often feature external textures to stimulate the wearers partner, whilst delaying ejaculation of the wearer. Penis rings and enhancers are a very popular sex toy for couples and are often one of the first sex toys that they buy together.

  • Sexual Position Devices – Sexual position aids like cushions and sex swings allow you and your partner to experiment with sex positions that you were previously unable to do. The different positions may lead to increased stimulation on different erogenous zones like the g-spot or p-spot. Sexual position aids are a great non-invasive way of introducing sex toys in to your love life.

  • Strap On’s & Harnesses – Harnesses allow you to wear a dildo that has a suction cup during sex. When a harness has a dildo on it, it is known as a strap on. Strap Ons are great for double penetration, girl-on-girl action, and pegging. The harnesses are usually elastic or adjustable meaning that they will fit on a large amount of people.

  • Massage Oils & Candles – Massage oils and candles can be a great way of setting the scene in the bedroom before you and your partner get down to the real thing. Massage oils can be a great way of relaxing your partner, as well as a way to increase their arousal.

How to choose the right couples sex toy for you and your partner?

Choosing the right couples sex toy is relatively straight forward, it all comes down to communication. Start off by finding out if your partner would like to use a sex toy or not, and then show them the different types of couples’ toys, how to use them, and there purpose. Once your partner has enough information on the different types they can make an informed decision about the sex toy that they would be happy to use. Many couples start off light, maybe with just a massage candle, before trying a vibrator that can be worn during penetrative sex. Make sure that you remember to take your time and make sure that you both feel comfortable about the type of toy you will be using.

What are the Best Sex Toys for Couples?

Below is a list of the best sex toys for couples based on what our customers have bought from us in the past:

  • Loving Joy Remote Control Wireless Egg Vibrator – £24.99 – This is our best-selling remote-controlled couples’ vibrator. The battery-operated love egg has a range of up to 5 metres making it great for a bit of fun with your partner. The remote control allows you to take control of the egg giving your partner different sensations. The egg can also be used during foreplay and setting the mood with your partner.

  • Loving Joy Versa Multi-Purpose Flexible Couples Vibrator – £49.99 – The versa is a truly unique bendable vibrator. You will receive it in a straight form, however the middle is completely flexible meaning that you can bend it into a C-Shape. Once in this shape you can use it as a wearable vibrator. The versa features two powerful motors, so once in this C-Shape the wearer will experience vibration on her clitoris and her g-spot.

  • Loving Joy 10 Function Rechargeable Remote-Controlled Egg Vibrator – £44.99 – this is our second-best love egg vibrator. It was featured in the Good Housekeeping’s Tried and Tested panel in 2018, the overall feedback from these reviews was that it was extremely easy to use. Other reviewers have commented that this is one of the most powerful love eggs that they have used.

  • Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve – £14.99 – This is one of our most popular penis sleeves. The Loving Joy Boss features textured external ribbing for your partners pleasure, and internal nodules for increased pleasure for the wearer. The BOSS sleeve also features a ball loop to help delay ejaculation of the wearer, whilst also making it more comfortable and easier to wear for longer sessions.

  • Under the Bed Restraints – £19.99 – These under the mattress restraints are a great way for you to introduce light bondage into your sex life. The under the mattress restraints are easy to use and you simply put under the mattress and then restrain your partner using the Velcro straps. The straps are comfortable to wear so won’t rub against your skin, as well as being easy to take off. Restraining your partner with restraints like this can be great fun and are also a great way of introducing bondage into the bedroom.

  • Bound to Please Bondage Tape – £4.99 – The Bound to Please Bondage Tape provides a great way to restrain your partner quickly and easily. Bondage tape sticks to itself, and not to the skin, meaning that it won’t feel uncomfortable once in use. Bondage tape provides a great way to tie up your partner quickly and effectively.

  • Door Jam Cuffs – £14.99 – These door jam cuffs from Loving Joy feature wrist cuffs with a strap and jam block. The jam block is designed to sit behind the door, with the straps going through the other side. The straps are also adjustable meaning that you can tighten them, which will pull up your partners arms. The cuffs feature quick release Velcro straps so are extremely easy to use!

  • Bound to Please Silicone Riding Crop – £9.99 – This silicone riding crop gives a lovely little sting, and is perfect for spanking beginners! The crop features a traditional shaped riding crop with a body-safe silicone tip, making it great for vegetarians and vegans, or those with an aversion to leather.

  • Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring – £2.99 – This small and discreet vibrating love ring is made from stretchy TPE. It features a small easy to use one button controlled bullet vibrator that delivers a single speed of vibration. This vibration is designed to provide additional stimulation to the wearer and their partner. The cock ring can also delay ejaculation and prolong sexual activity.

  • Bound to Please Silicone Universal Cuffs – £29.99 – These silicone wrist cuffs are incredibly durable and also very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time! The silky smooth silicone is hypoallergenic and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The cuffs are pad-lockable making them perfect for more experienced users.

If you can’t find the best couples sex toy for you and your partner from our list of the best sex toys for couples, then take a look at the full range of couples sex toys.

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