Flight of the Furry – Loving Joy Reports Record Sales for Its Furry Fantasy Metal Tail Plug Range as Puppy Play Verges on the Mainstream

Furry Fantasy Tail Plugs

Just after a month of introducing the beautiful line of metal anal plugs with bushy fox and bunny tails, the award-winning adult toy manufacturer, Loving Joy, praises its sleeper hit, Furry Fantasy, as animal role play might be the next big trend of the industry.

Furry Fantasy Red Fox Tail Butt Plug
Furry Fantasy Tail Butt Plug Red Fox

Since the June launch of the Furry Fantasy range, Loving Joy seems to have proven once more that adult toys and fetishes that are often considered niche, actually have widespread mainstream appeal. After the runaway success of the Impound male chastity range, and the Precious Metals jeweled butt plugs range, Furry Fantasy is another anal sex toy success story that shows Loving Joy’s ability to sniff out the latest emerging trends and hot crazes of the adult industry. With two lighter bunny and two weightier fox tails, the range offers both entry and advanced level products to consumers looking to embrace their wild sides, and with remarkably positive reviews on the blogger circle, Furry Fantasy seems to have taken the market by a storm.

Sebastian Gonzalez, Loving Joy CEO, has said:

“We’ve been anticipating the take-off of puppy play for a while now, so

Furry Fantasy Metal Butt Plug Tail
Furry Fantasy Metal Butt Plug with Long Tail

we were eager to add toys form this niche as soon as possible. Due to this, we were confident in the Furry Fantasy range from the get-go – how could we not, they are so beautiful to display and overwhelmingly fluffy to touch – but it still came as a surprise just how much our customers wanted to get their hands on them. We received re-orders within days after the first initial sales and quickly sold out on our starting inventory, making the tails one of our quickest selling new brands of the last 2 years.

Once confined to BDSM subcultures, this form of kinky, playful engagement is becoming a lot more accepted and seen as a fun way to spice up the bedroom for any couple. The Furry Fantasy range offers the opportunity to emulate either a Furry Fantasy Black Tail Butt Plugpredator (fox) or a prey (bunny) providing even more versatility and variation for couples who want to act out some sexy woodland chase scene. Equipping our customers with the latest, biggest hits of the industry makes us very happy campers indeed, so add these tail-waggingly exciting plugs to Furry Fantasy White Bunny Tail Butt Plugyour catalogs now, your customers want to get foxy!”

The Furry Fantasy range is available to purchase now from the official Loving Joy Adult Toy Store. If you are a retailer and looking to stock this wonderful range of tail butt plugs then please feel free to email us and we will let you know where you can buy them!

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