Best Selling Sex Toys for Guys

Loving Joy Sex Toys for Him

Best Sex Toys for Men

Here we discuss the best selling sex toys for him, and why we think these are some of our best selling male sex toys.

1. Loving Joy Real Feel Pussy Stroker Male Masturbator – £14.99

The Loving Joy Real Feel Pussy Stroker is a fantastic male sex toy. The small and discreet product is extremely easy to use and to clean. The product is made from Loving Joy’s very own lifelike TPE formula. The male masturbator can be used with waterbased lubricant. All you need to do to use it is gently slide into it and then stroke your member with it. We recommend to always store this in a dry place, and clean after use.

2. REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator – £119.99

The REV1000 is a rotating male masturbator that is constantly one of our best sellers. The product is designed to massage the top of the penis. The internal tube features numerous TPE nodules and rotates causing incredible stimulation to the tip of the penis. The REV1000 has 7 speeds and 7 different functions. The product is rechargeable and extremely easy to use, and to scroll through the various functions. Built with a powerful Japanese motor that REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator is truly one of the best male sex toys on the market.

3. Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop – £14.99

Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension Sleeve with Ball Loop

The Loving Joy Mighty Penis Extension gives the wearer an additional 3 inches on length, and can increase girth by up to 25%. Every man wants to see his member look longer, and with the clear TPE penis sleeve the wearer can see this happen. Launched in 2018 this product shot straight to the top due to the great quality and even better price point.

4. Bound to Please Glans Ring 30mm – £9.99

Bound to Please Glans RingThe Bound to Please Glans Ring is designed to be worn at the top of the penis, just under the head, with the ball sitting against the frenulum. The ball at the top stimulates your partner internally, and is also suppose to delay ejaculation of the wearer.

5. Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring – £2.99

The Loving Joy Vibrating Love Ring is classic in design and classic in function. Made for a one time only use, this cock ring stimulates both the wearer and their partner. Cheap in price and great for beginners, this product is extremely easy to use and can be disposed of after use.

6. Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Stroker Realistic Male Masturbator – £14.99

Realistic Male Sex Toy

The Real Feel Pleasure Stroker is a realistic male masturbator, commonly known as a pocket pussy. It’s a reusable male sex toy that resembles the female anatomy. The product is made from Loving Joy’s specifically formulated life like TPE, making it feel just like the real thing. We recommend that you always use this with a water based lubricant, and clean after use.

7. Loving Joy Real Feel Body Stroker Male Masturbator – £14.99

The Body Stroker has a similar function to the other Loving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbators. The Body Stroker resembles the female form, but is much smaller, making it the perfect travel companion. Also made from Loving Joy’s specifically formulated life like TPE. This male masturbator is easy to use and easy to clean, and has featured in our best sellers list for years.

8. Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device – £41.99

Cock Cage

The Impound Gladiator was released in 2017 and was picked up by global retailers and distributors globally. The product to this day remains one of our best selling chastity device. The Impound range is very unique compared to many male chastity devices on the market. Each Impound product features a set of three rings that means that the wearer can find the most comfortable, or uncomfortable….

9. Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device with Penis Plug – £44.99

Cock Cage with Penis Plug

The Impound Corkscrew was also released in 2017. This is our second most successful chastity device, and our most extreme one. The Corkscrew features a penis plug that can be detached, so is perfect for those who would either like to try penis play for the first time, or think that they will try it in the future. Once again the Impound Corkscrew features three different sized rings for the wearer to find the best fit for them.

10. Loving Joy Extra 3 Inch Penis Extension – £12.99

Loving Joy Extra 3 Inch Penis ExtensionA simple yet effective penis extension, the Extra 3 Inches, does exactly what it says. This penis extension can be cut down to size so the wearer can find the best fit for them. The tip of this product also has a little hollow point that you can squeeze a bullet into, turning your member into a vibrating machine!

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