What is a Sex Toy Party?

A sex toy party is typically a female-own gathering where attendees will learn about and usually buy sex toys. Sex toy parties are a great way to introduce people to adult toys. Sex toys themselves used to have a slight stigma attached to them and many people weren’t that open to buying them or even trying them. Parties or Tupperware events are usually hosted in someones home, which immediately makes attendees feel more comfortable and at ease, meaning that they become more susceptible to playing with and learning about sex toys. This combined with alcoholic beverages helps to ease people into buying adult toys that they previously may not have considered.

Parties usually start with a fun icebreaker game to make every one feel more comfortable and ready to discuss. After the game the host would then start to discuss the products, and show how you would use them. The participants would then talk amongst themselves about the products, with some guests potentially even discussing previous experiences with sex toys they have used in the past. Other products like lubricants, body paints and other adult novelties will also be sold at these events.

Sex toy parties are very popular for hen nights, birthdays, or a girls get together. Sex toy parties are a great way for people to understand and learn more about pleasure products, and the erogenous zones that they stimulate. If you don’t think a party is for you, then you can always read our sex toy guides that have been specifically designed to help you learn more about sex toys.

If you would like more information on sex toy parties or would like to host your own sex toy party then feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts would be more than happy to give you some more information.