Best Bullet Vibrators

What are bullet vibrators?

Some of the best and most popular sex toys are bullet vibrators, who get their name as they resemble the shape of a bullet. At a glance, bullets are great for couples; as your first sex toy; and also for those who travel a lot as bullet vibrators are extremely small and discreet.

Bullet vibrators are an essential sex toy for every girls toy box. These small vibrators are designed for external use, and can be used for targeted stimulation on the clitoris, nipples, and even your anus.

Bullet vibrators feature many different patterns, lower priced bullet vibrators will tend to have one or three different speeds. However more bullets these days will have seven different functions, which usually comprise of three different speeds, and 4 different patterns; all of which have been expertly picked to help you or your partner reach climax. Bullet vibrators with less functions will more often than not require batteries, the smaller bullets usually require 3 x LR44 sized batteries, so they are not as powerful. If you are going to buy a battery operated bullet vibrator we recommend looking for a bullet vibrator that requires AAA batteries. These bullet vibrators usually give out more power, and the battery is also easier to replace. Newer bullet vibrators now tend to be rechargeable, and often have up to 20 functions. These bullet vibrators are becoming more and more popular, as you don’t need to change the batteries, and they can offer some extremely powerful vibrations to your erogenous zones.

So, what are our best bullet vibrators?

Below is a list of the best bullet vibrators, based on our global sales figures:

1. Loving Joy 20 Function Power Bullet Vibrator – £38.99 – This little pocketLoving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator rocket is by far our best bullet vibrator. The small and discreet bullet shaped vibrator has a total of 20 incredibly powerful settings that are designed to easily bring you or your partner to climax. The power bullet is rechargeable and comes with a USB Docking Station that your bullet will gently sit in to. The Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator was voted one of the best vibrators in the Good Housekeeping’s Tried and Tested Review Panel in 2017. The reviewers all said that it is extremely powerful and helped to bring them to climax. The Bullet Vibrator is easy to use and features a one button control at the base that allows you to simply move through the different functions. The Loving Joy Power Bullet is one of our best selling products, and as with all Loving Joy products it comes with a one year product warranty!

Loving Joy 7 Speed Bullet Vibrator2. Loving Joy 7 Speed Bullet Vibrator – £8.99 – This little powerful bullet vibrator has a total of seven functions, three speeds, and four vibration patterns. The bullet vibrator features a one button control at the base that allows you to easily move through the different functions. You can also twist the base off, opening up the internal housing for the AAA battery. Thanks to the AA battery this bullet vibrator is very powerful, and holds its charge for a long time. Please note, inside the bullet vibrator is a piece of paper; leave paper inside. This is the best sex toy for a newbie, and also an essential for every girls toy box.

3. Loving Joy 3 Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator – £6.99 – The Loving Joy 3 Speed Loving Joy 3 Speed Mini Bullet VIbratorBullet Vibrator is one of our cheapest sex toys. The lower value nature of this item makes it very popular for those who want something for the weekend. This bullet vibrator requires 3 x LR44 batteries that are included, so you will be able to use the bullet vibrator as soon as you get it. The smooth surface on this bullet vibrator feels great when it is pressed up against your erogenous zones, and you can feel the vibrations stimulate your most intimate areas.

If you have any more questions on our best bullet vibrators then please feel free to contact us, and one of our product experts will be more than happy to get back to you. If you want to find our more about the best sex toys then take a look at our full guide to the best sex toys for women.