How to use a Male Masturbator

Male masturbators are a male sex toy that is usually made up of a soft feeling material. They are also known as masturbation aids, pocket pussies, and strokers. Male masturbators feature an entrance hole at one or both ends, allowing the user to enter it with his penis. The entrance hole usually features internal ribbing throughout giving the user increased pleasure and stimulating him in a variety of different ways.

Male masturbators are a great first time sex toy for men as they are usually quite cheap, easy to use and clean, as well as giving you completely unique sensations.

How to choose the right male masturbator?

There are many different types of male masturbators on the market, all of which may have a different features, internal textures, size and much more. When choosing a male masturbator it is essential to know what sort of thing you are looking for.


Size is important with any sex toy, and it is no different with male masturbators, especially if it housed in a plastic case. If the masturbator does not feature a plastic case then it is very likely to be made from TPE. TPE is a stretchy material, so the sex toy will easily stretch over your penis.


There are many different male masturbators on the market all with different features that differentiate them from their counterparts! For example, the Loving Joy Blow Job Stroker features realistic teeth and tongue for an incredibly realistic blow job sensation. Furthermore, some male masturbators feature rotating or vibrating functions. These are known as male vibrators. If these are something that you think you may be interested in then take a look at our guide to the best male vibrators.

Internal Texture

The internal textures on male masturbators vary with each product, some may feature a smooth tunnel like the Loving Joy Realistic Pussy Stroker. However some also have a ribbed tunnel for even more stimulation. If you would like a male masturbator that has a ribbed texture than we strongly recommend the Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker, a male masturbator that features soft white teeth, a tongue, a realistic mouth roof and tonsils!


Your budget is very important to us, and we have male masturbators that start form £14.99 and go all the way up to £119.99! Here at Loving Joy we want to be able to accommodate every ones needs and constantly try to product high quality and affordable sex toys that everyone can use!

How to use a male masturbator:

Male masturbators are usually very easy and straight forward to use. When using a male masturbator it is incredibly important to make sure use apply lubricant to both your penis and your sex toy. Lubricant allows for you to penetrate your sex toy much easier by reducing friction. When you are lubricated you can now slowly insert your penis. Start by massaging the head of your penis, enjoying the sensations the stroker has to offer on one of the most sensitive areas of your penis. Then slowly enter the stroker with your erection. Grip the outside of the stroker with your hand, and then begin moving the male masturbator up and down your penis, creating a stroking like movement with it. Start off slowly, and then begin to increase the speed. If your male masturbator features a hole at the end of it then try covering it with your hand or a finger. This will increase suction within the stroker giving you an even more unique sensation.

If you have any questions on male masturbators or other sex toys for men then please feel free to contact us and one of our male sex toy experts will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as they can!