Guide to Anal Sex Toys for Men

Looking to buy an anal sex toy? Not quite sure what the best anal sex toy for men is or even how to use an anal sex toy? Well our anal sex toy experts have created a guide to help you make an informed decision on anal sex toys for men and if they would be good for you?

What are anal sex toys for men?

Anal sex toys are some of the most popular sex toys for men as they can stimulate the prostate gland leading to more intense, full body orgasms. Prostate massagers and the right butt plugs can push against the prostate gland helping to stimulate it, leading to this incredible orgasmic experience.

Butt plugs are a type of anal sex toy that typically feature a tapered tip that allows for easy insertion into the anus. They have a large, flared base that is there to prevent the butt plug from fully entering the rectum. There are many different types and styles of butt plugs. If you are interested in finding out more about butt plugs then take at our beginner’s guide to butt plugs.

Anal beads are another popular type of anal sex toys for men. These anal sex toys feature spheres that are attached together in a row. These spheres usually gradually increase in size. The user will experience all types of pleasure when these anal beads are put in and pulled out at different speeds. If you are interested in anal beads then take a look at our guide that will give you more information about anal beads.

Finally, the most popular type of anal sex toys for men is the prostate massager. Prostate massagers are essentially butt plugs that feature a curved tip. This curved tip is ergonomically designed to apply pressure to the prostate gland. You can purchase a variety of different prostate massagers including vibrating and remote controlled ones.

Why do men use anal sex toys?

The main reason why men use anal sex toys is to stimulate the male prostate. The prostate gland sits about two to three inches up the front all of the anus and is around the size of a walnut. If this gland is stimulated properly it can create an extremely intense, full body orgasm in the man who is using it. Combining prostate stimulation with masturbation of sexual intercourse can lead to new heights of pleasure, as well as improving the strength and duration of your climax.

What are the best anal sex toys for men?

The best anal sex toy for you will depend on many factors, including whether or not you have used anal sex toys before, if you are looking for something small or large, or even if you want something with more functions. Below are a list of the best anal sex toys that our customers have bought in the past:

1. Loving Joy Black Triple Ripple Anal Beads – £8.95 – These silicone anal beads are our most popular anal sex toy. They feature three different sized beads that feel great as they are slowly inserted and removed from your anus. The velvety smooth silicone and tapered tip makes insertion extremely easy and straight forward. These anal beads are also curved in order to stimulate the prostate once inserted.

2. Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup – £16.99 – This curved silicone dildo is a great dildo for anal insertion. The silicone dildo features a smooth curved slimline shaft making it great for beginners. If inserted correctly the curved shaft will apply pressure to the prostate gland. If you are interested in using a dildo, but not quite sure how to, then take a look at our different guides to dildos.

3. Loving Joy Anal Douche 225ml – £12.99 – Anal hygiene is essential when using anal sex toys or carrying out anal penetration with a partner. There is no better tool to aid this then the Loving Joy Anal Douche. The stylish all black douche features a large bulb that can hold up to 225 ml of liquid. This anal douche also features an ABS tip that allows for it to be easily inserted and removed.

4. Loving Joy Realistic Dildo with Balls and Suction Cup 6 inch – £14.99 – This slim realistic dildo is great for anal insertion due to the smooth material it is made from. The raised textured veins will feel great as it is inside you. Furthermore this realistic dildo features a super-strong suction cup at the base meaning that you can quickly turn it into a strap on for some pegging fun! If you like the sound of a dildo, but are not quite sure which one you are after, then take a look at our different dildo buyer guides that have been created by our sex toy experts.

5. Loving Joy Black Beginner’s Anal Beads – £3.95 – These are our cheapest anal sex toys. These beginner anal beads are perfect for beginners as they are extremely smooth and slim, allowing for easy insertion. Many of our customers also enjoy using these during penetrative sex for even more stimulation with their partner.

How to use anal sex toys for men?

Using anal sex toys is very straight forward and easy to do. If you are new to anal sex toys or anal penetration then we strongly recommend starting off with a small butt plug or anal sex toy, or even gently inserting your little finger into your bottom to see if it is something that you will enjoy.

When using an anal sex toy it is imperative to start off slowly, allowing your bum to get used to the anal sex toy that you are using. Remember to use plenty of lubricant when using anal sex toys to reduce friction and ease insertion. Once you have got used to using your anal sex toy you can then increase the speed or vibration patterns that it has.

Once you have finished using your anal sex toy make sure you clean it!

How to clean anal sex toys for men?

It is very easy to clean anal sex toys for men, this can be done with warm soapy water or with specifically formulated sex toy cleaner. It is very important to clean your anal sex toys before and after use, as well as storing them in a cool dry place.

If you have any more questions on anal sex toys for men then please feel free to contact us via email and one of our sex toy experts will be more than happy to get back to you!