How to make Sex Toys

Many people have tried to make their own sex toys, these may range from using your cell phone as a vibrator, scrunchy’s as a penis ring,  spatulas as spanking paddles, and even rosary beads as anal beads! Whatever people find it is very likely that if they can, then they probably will try to use it as an adult toy. Here at Loving Joy we think the real question is; should you make a DIY sex toy?

The answer is no. Making your own sex toy or using a home object as a sex toy could lead to you injuring yourself, or even lead to upsetting the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina.

Some people decide to make sex toys because they cannot afford to buy them. Loving Joy manufacturers affordable high quality sex toys, and we like to think that we will be able to cater for everyone’s needs. If you want an inexpensive adult toy then take a look at our sale where you will be able to find a whole manner of different types of cheap sex toys.

If you have any questions on how to make a sex toy then never fear because our adult sex toy experts will be more than happy to help. Although we are sure that instead they will just tell you to buy a sex toy!